Burning Man

well i didnt see a thread for this so sorry if there is one.

Anyone here ever gone to burning man?
if not do you want to?
if you have gone what camp were you with?
did you enjoy it?
was it different then you thought?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Maybe you should explain your thread a little better next time. For those of us who don't know (apparently everyone), what is burning man?
burning man is this temporary city in the middle of the desert of Nevada starting the monday before labor day and ending the day before labor day. everyone comes in on that monday and sets up tents and camps with roads and law enforcement.... things get burned down on burn stages nightly but on saturday the giant man shaped statue gets burned down (hence the name burning man) and then the next day everyone picks up and leaves.

when everyone leaves there is no trace anyone had been there and people come back and have detox with others who went..... its this amazing life experience which kind of forces you back to nature. your in the desert and you cant leave for a week so you need to bring EVERYTHING your going to need to survive for an entire week.