Burning Man Sprayed With Pepper Spray


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An economy size bottle of pepper spray? Bit stupid to have them painted red just like fire extinguishers if you ask me.

Apparently he was mentally ill and 'tired of living'.. It's a tragic thing to happen when anyone dies, but I hope she doesn't feel too much guilt over this.
Why do I picture the whole scenario going down like this:

*man lights himself on fire*
Officer: !! I'll save you.
*grabs canister from trunk*
*sprays man*
Man: AHH!!
Officer: Oops.
*Officer runs away*

Was it just me who saw it going down like that? Yes? Oh, ok.

I also liked during the video that the spokeswoman seemed like she wanted to crack a smile 75% way through the video. Looked like she was holding back.


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Something out of a good cartoon. =P Reaches for a carrot and grabs a piece of dynamite. Tsk tsk.

I didn't know they made economy sized pepper sprays. I guess in case you're dealing with an economy sized person?