Burglars have stolen everything.

Okay, I'm not sure where I should put this. It might be the stuff of a general discussion, so I guess it can go here.

Hypothetical Question -

Heaven forbid this should happen, but - You go on holiday, and when you come back you find your house has been emptied by burglars. Everything has been loaded into a big wagon or something and is gone.
However, they leave one thing behind. What thing would you hope they have not taken. The most important thing? Not necassarily like the '5 things' thread I did - it could be an essential item, something sentimental. Or anything, it might not even be your thing... But someone else's who you live with.

So, if burgling scumbags took everything from your house bar one item. What do you hope they leave? That's it.

Oh, and what would you do in this situation? I don't even know if I can answer this...


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Does this include things that people don't normally steal (like beds)? Can the thing I pick be a collection of things (like my baseball card collection)?
Yes and Yes... Everything is gone. The house totally gutted, even your cooker is gone - all except one item. A pack of cards would be one thing I suspect? Unless you keep them all loose.


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All of my old photo albums/ family pictures. That is one thing that I would be devastated if they were stolen/ damaged or destroyed in a fire.


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It's a tough choice between my high school football jersey and my PS3, haha. I'll have to think about which one I'd prefer a little harder.
Am I the only one who doesn't care about photos of family members? Call be a jerk, I was never really bothered by them besides looking through them ever six or so years for nostalgia sake. Other than that, they collect dust. >.>

I guess the most valuable thing I own in my house would be... um... the computer. I suppose I could always get a new and better one, but then I would have to copy all my Xtube porno to this computer. Hmm... the choices we make in life. *ponder*
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Just leave my dog, that's all I care about. My video game consoles are probably worth a bit, but in no way would I ever choose them over my pup. Other than that nothing in my apartment is actually worth anything, so go nuts.