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Burger King Stormtrooper Commercial


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ltk9492 said:
i got my tendercrisp, bacon cheddar raa-anch... NiCE
Wasn't that the product they were advertising in the Brooke Burke commercial? or have they advertised it again with the more creative commercials since then?

I remember that Brooke Burke commercial. It was so lame. It was so lame it looked like she was being paid by the letter just to say her obviously fake line at the end. It's like something from a comedy parody movie or something. I think Burger King must have noticed the cheezyness of it and really cranked up the creativity since then.


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00vega said:
I remember that Brooke Burke commercial. It was so lame
omg, i hated that commercial. it was always one, the lyrics were dumb, and it was just plain stupid.

the stormtrooper commercial is alright, but i like the Vader one with the BK King cause he creeps the **** out of me.


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Gamechamp said:
What happened in that Brooke Burke commercial? I don't really know who that is.
Brooker Burke, or as i like to call her B.B. , used to be the host for a show called Wild On [ on the E channel/network ]. i know she did something else too but i can't think of it.

in the BK commercial she's sitting on a swing and says some stupid line, and i think that's it.


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Gamechamp said:
Probably not, it's a little new. But you can just keep an eye out on tv.
That commercial has been around since before Ep3 came out in theaters, actually. They've just been re-airing it since the release of the DVD and the Star Wars BK toys in the kids meals.