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Burger King 911 call


New Member
That was great! It also explains the mentality it takes to file all the lawsuits that are over-running our country.


Registered User
OMG, I can't believe she wasted the 911 persons time like that. "You are to protect me." From what? :lol:


Registered Member
what a moron...lol for a cheeseburger...geez


Registered Member
the operator should have sent the police over there and arrest her for wasting their time - and for being stupid!!!


Secret Agent
Staff member
LOL that was pretty good. WHY DID SHE CALL 911 for that LOL! :lol:

I would never think to call 911 for a burger that wasn't done right... wow..


what? no pink?
LOL it makes you wonder sometimes what people are thinking! I"m sure the employees were laughing at her and actually they could have called the cops on her for refusing to leave!! LOL I just wonder what happened after that call.