Bureaucrats have no sense of humor


Hell, It's about time!
This is just lame :shake: reason No# 4,563 why I don't like the government.

Confirmed! Bureaucrats have no sense of humor, funny stop signs nixed - Autoblog

Inhabitants of Oak Lawn, Ill. apparently have a hard time understanding the meaning of the large red octagons posted on street corners through the city. So in an effort to get people to actually stop, the city installed smaller signs below their larger, legal counterparts to get motorists attention while providing them a half-hearted chuckle. The extra signs correlated with the "Stop" written above, with slogans including "and smell the roses," "right there pilgrim" and "means you're not moving." While residents and the town's mayor found them funny, the Illinois Department of Transportation was less than enthused and claims that the signs violate the Fed's Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. That means that federal funding for projects in the city could be put on hold, so $1,700 worth of signs were pulled down. In a word: lame.
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so $1,700 worth of signs were pulled down.
Wow, they're expensive.

I actually agree with the government on this one.

1) They clutter up the sign making it look less appealing.
2) Once you've seen the signs once you'll become immune to them, and the people will continue ignoring them.

What about speed bumps instead?
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I think it is a cute idea... But ineffective unless they continually make new ones.. and that still would only appeal to a select number of people. Speed bumps could work, there would just be a lot of angry people because they do actually have to stop, but I suppose that is the point =) Some people who don't care about their cars do just fly over speed bumps though.