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Bumper Stickers?


Problematic Shitlord
Do you have any? Of what?

How many is too many?

I have two, one from my favorite band and one from my favorite music shop (Bullmoose).


Registered Member
Bumper stickers that are actually "stickers" on a car, look horrid to me.
I see cars around my area every day, with tons of the stickers plastered all over their bumpers, the back part of the trunk... and then some cars you can see where they've tried to remove them but ended up ripping the shit up, making it look worse!
But the bumper stickers that are magnets, they aren't so bad.
For my own personal cars tho, I have none......don't want any, I don't like them on my own cars.
But from time to time, I get a giggle out of reading one that some old car has on it :)
I read one the other day:
"Give your troubles to God: he's up all night anyway"
That was rather funny.....


still nobody's bitch
I had one on my old car that Kay sent me. It was one of those little oval stickers that said OH HAI!



Sultan of Swat
Staff member
There's a lot of them that are funny, but there's a lot of them that are just plain stupid. I never put any on one of my cars and I'm never going to put any on there either. I always laugh at the ones where it's about Jesus coming down to save us, or something of that nature.


still nobody's bitch
I also had one on my old car, but someone ripped it off, ironically, it said Coexist but all the letters were symbols from different religions.


Registered Member
I have a small sticker of the the car club we are in on the GTO and on our Vette. The race car has a Mopar sticker and a Thrush Muffler/Clay Smith woodpecker on the wing window.

Never really got into putting stickers on the cars though.