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    I was wodnering what you guys though of a serious subject like this? Bullying in school. I think it happens a lot everywhere in this world, I think it's wrong and should stop. Alot of things can happen if you push someone to far, we've seen happen like the Colorado shooting. Some people just get tired of it at some point, and they think the only way to stop it is by killing this person or just hurting them pretty badly, then after that they don't want to get in trouble for it so they kill themselves afterwards, they also do that because they think there's no reason to live on this planet if it's always gonna be like this.

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    I'm not going to comment on the Columbine (is that what you meant Vince?), let's just say that I'm glad those kids killed themselves.

    I was bullied constantly from kindergarten to sophomore year of high school. Junior year, I eventually just said "Fuck you people," and I was able spin some of those bullies on their heads. Unfortunately, it has left lasting effects on me. I was very paranoid, always noting my surroundings, and I don't trust people. Well, I do, but it's hard. I guess I lost a lot of faith in people because of the continuous years of insults, pranks, and rumors spread about me. The sad part is, I didn't do anything to achieve it. I was just a quiet kid and kids in my town seem to have enough time in their days to bother as many quiet ones as possible. It's kind of become a past time.
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    Yeah it happens that way, I can't say I know the feeling because I was never bullied threw my school life. But I say just try to take a day at a time, I know it's easier said then down, because there constantly bullying you, and you must not like that. Now that's why I say just try to forget it, because if you don't it will stay inside of you, and one of these days you'll just explode, now I like I said it's easier said then done. Yes i am talking about Columbine shooting.
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    At first I was a bully in elementray school about 1-4 grades. I always got detention and chased people around. School was the place where I could be in control cause my dad at him was always trying to make me feel like he was. I was always afraid to go back home because my dad was so mean. After I was beaten by him though I guess I decided to try to make new Friends and be nicer to people. Yeah I got bullied alot afterwards. Until my junior year. Look forward to your Junior year folks! It has become pretty hard to trust people but when I do I usually put my whole heart on the line.
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    I think you mostly get bullied in High School, it's the worst in my opinion like I said earlier I never been bulied, but i've seen it a lot in high school, and it's all about being popular and if you want to fit in one some other bullies then you will do the same, but I am not sure about this, but High School is worst then anything, but dont worry after high school people grow up and stop it.
  6. I never really was bullied, I went to a private school so it wasnt very large or anything, and I was friends with a lot of the upper classman, so if someone came along that I couldnt handle, then usually the football team would handle them for me. The only guy that ever picked on me that was extremely larger then me, was this guy named Cody, he was like 6'5 and weighed fat hundred pounds, though Vince beat the shit out of him for me, it was quite funny.
  7. I've had my share of bullying throughout my life. I didn't really start have any self-confidence in myself until the last 2 years of high school. By then I didn't care what people thought of me. Besides, I've come to realize that bullys only keep bullying you if you let them. They just try to rule everything through fear so they can feel better about themselves. Of course sometimes that's not the case, but that what I believe. I also believe that sometimes a person that does the bullying just needs a friend. That usually turns things around, but you gotta try and be brave to stand up to them. Bullies don't like to pick on people who can fight back.
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    Yes true they will only bully you if you don't do anything about it, if you do something about they will realize that your not gonna take this shit no more, so some of them will back off of you, so don't let them do it to you, and once again it easier said then done, some of them might be way bigger then you, but that's when you have to get connections lol. No seriously, the best way is don't take it, let them know aswell.
  9. Either stand up for yourself, or have good friends that are huge.
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    Lol that's funny. Well I'm homeschooled so I don't get picked on. But there is a lot of kids on my block that are my age and pick on other people. But I usually try an help the kids and usually are successful lol.

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