Bulls Passed On KG Because Of Extension Price?



Glen Taylor, owner of the Wolves, said that the Kevin Garnett trade might have never developed had Garnett not come to Kevin McHale last spring and asked for a three-year contract extension.

But Garnett, who was being paid $22 million a season, refused the suggestion of Taylor that KG take a cut in salary, so the decision was made to make the trade. Taylor said that the Chicago Bulls were interested in Garnett but not at the salary he demanded.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
If Kevin Garnett would of went to Chicago they probably would have to give up Luol Deng or Ben Gordon(most likely Deng) which I'm sure that the Bulls wouldn't have done. And I'm not sure if I would of pulled the trigger either. Deng is going to be a Superstar in this league, and you can't give that up. Even if it's for Kevin Garnett, and your chances of winning a title are that much closer. He's getting up there in age, and I'm sure Deng is going to be a player you can build around.