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Bulletproof Backpack?


Secret Agent
Staff member
Can anybody else see a possible flaw in this design?

News::Bullet Proof Backpack

Sure the backpack itself may be bulletproof, but even the fools on Dumb and Dumber could find the loophole here..

John says any injuries to the person wearing this backpack would be minimal.
What if the person is shot in the chest, face, etc? At some point a bulletproof vest, (for a similar price) seems to be the better option. Who would wear a bulletproof vest to school though. That's another issue completely.

I don't see much point in a bulletproof backpack. Sure it could help, but I wouldn't buy it.


Heavy Weapons Guy
Well, I suppose if you're going to have a bullet proof bag, you probably have other bullet proof items as well.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
It's just one of the benefits of living in a capitalist society, we'll always have someone trying to make money off of something.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
It may not do you much good but one things for sure...... your lunch is safe and isn't that what all parents want for their children these days?


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The only thing that I can think of that this would come in handy for would be if you were transferring a bomb in you backpack or just for extra covering during war, I can see how this could come in useful, a soldier doesn't want to wear his backpack and extra body armor because that takes too long to put on so instead they just build it into the backpack,

kinda stupid for everyday use though.


Food Whore
The main problem with this bag, besides the obvious lack of protection from other sides, is that if you are in the market for one, you probably live in a "bad area" (no offense to anyone or anywhere) Bulletproof things never work 100% of the time. With certain types of Kevlar its weaker when wet. Most don't work against rifle/assault ammo (anything bigger than a handgun/light machine gun). I'd go for a vest if anything, instead of just a backpack. (If its not going to protect me or my laptop, forget it.)