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    Ever see those movies where the Military have those neato hologram tables that pop up a 3d model of a building or a plane or just whatever kind of structural element that is their point of interest.

    Well that is now a reality in the construction world. Although still not widespread, and still very expensive to get into; a standard BIM program starts at $8-10,000 just for the program, that does not include training, BIM is making an appearance quite often now in the Private Works sector of Construction.

    More Friendly known as "Building In Models" you might recognize its early stages as just a run of the mill Balsa wood Scale models. However the Building Information Modeling goes a step further and pushes the strength of the everday CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs and the Emerging Holographic Technology to a new level in Cosntruction.

    As an Estimator now, I see the standard set of Blue Prints on a daily basis:

    Most everyone is semi-familiar with what they look like, just a bunch of lines designating each trade to do whatever it is that they do. Finishes, carpentry, electrical, etc.

    However BIM drawings are much different. The Architect literally constructs the whole project themselves and then provide the constructed Model to the Contractors in order replicate it in a Real Life Situation (ie: a Jobsite).

    BIM Models look like this:
    This one is just an Ad Concept fromt he website:

    however completed models will look more like this:

    beware... this next pic is fairly large but it is the perfect example of a Roof Framers view in a BIM project:

    Recently I've been hearing quite a bit of buzz about our Local Builders Exchange to start providing snippets of the very few projects that may utilize BIM capabilities. Chances are this technology wont even reach my industry for another few years... but still its neat to see whats just in the future!

    Autodesk - Building Information Modeling
    GSA - 3D-4D Building Information Modeling

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    Don't make me laugh, you're making it sound like architects will actually have to do a job properly :lol: That'll be the day. The company I work at does the CAD detailing after the architect and consultants have finished with their bit. I have yet to see a job come through, where the guys haven't sworn, cursed and stressed over the architects lack of dimensions in their drawings, and the lack of helpfulness when they ring them to try to sort it out.
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    Hahaha nice... What line of work are you in?

    Trust me I know about Architects... hahahaha This project I'm currently working on was released to the Generals about a week ago and its already got about 30 RFI's in que and 6 addendums released :hah:.

    If one thing is true, there will be a much greater stress put on the architect for perfection in a BIM situation.

    But it makes sense though, because with the model right there, you dont have to worry so much about getting lost in Asheets, Esheets and Psheets while forgetting how much your Msheets contradict them all.

    But yeah, I think this is a really kick ass thing to look forward to. Theres one contractor here in town that we do work for every now and again, When I heard he had a BIM program I got pretty excited, I've been meaning to call him and get an appointment just so I can watch him play with it.
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    I work with structural engineers, but i'm just admin and technical support, so don't have to deal with anything directly. If I had a dollar for every time I heard the word architects attached to some sort of expletive i'd be a very rich woman.

    If the BIM drawings were widely used, i'm sure it would cut down stress levels and time for everyone, except maybe for architects. I'm sure the cost could be justified eventually, as it would cut back a lot of charges for the backwards and forwards, miscommunication and variations due to all the mix-ups.
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