Building a Team


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What is the best way to build a team? Is it better to build a team by buying a bunch of proven solid players. Or is it better to build your team through a group of draft picks and by picking up young talent.

A great example of each of these scenarios can be found in the AL East.

The yankees have typically built their teams by buying expensive but proven superstars

The Rays built their success last season on a slew of young talent acquired through the draft

The Red Sox have done sort of a combination of both, trading for experienced players and utitlizing the draft

Im just wondering which of these methods do u guys think works best?

(I'll post my opinion later as i don't really have time to right now :nod:)


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Obviously if you want to win NOW, buying proven players is clearly the way to go.. but obviously if you take a look at the Yankees, sometimes it just doesn't work out that way.

..but if you want years and years of success, I believe a young team is what you need. Bring in a few Vets for them to learn from and you'll be set for a decade or two because we all know baseball players play between 15-20 years.


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I think you need to get a good starting rotation, that's the main key. You can either get those from free agency or through your farm system. I think you need to get players that understand the game, everyone as to bring something to the table, doesn't matter what it is. I also believe you needs a good bullpen. I think that's the peferct way to build a team. If you want to win now, you do like the Yankees and by your team, if you don't have the money to do so, then you do like the Rays, you lose for so many years and draft well.


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I think the most effective way is to build through young talent, you can get a successful baseball team for many years rather than a one hit wonder, but within these teams built on young talent it is crucial to have some middle aged pitchers, young pitchers typically struggle, or at the very least they're inconsistent, i believe that its important to have some veteran pitchers, not really old guys but guys from the 28-32 range, if u have that and young talent within ur position players i think u can be very successful