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Discussion in 'Technology' started by shakujou, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. shakujou

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    I'm going to be building a computer fairly soon, and I was wondering what kind of parts to get. Basically, I'm looking for something good, but not too expensive. My basic plans are to be able to play stuff like FFXI or WoW on the computer, but all I really want is to have something that doesn't think running aim or yim is an illegal operation.

    Basically, I want to know what fairly decent processor is, because I was thinking of going AMD over Pentium 4, and what a decent amount of RAM would be and what type to get. I was also thinking of going Nvidia, and don't know what version to get.

    Also, I'd like to do stuff like photoshop. So if anyone can give me some decent specs, I'd love some feedback.

  2. tidusx99

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    I bought my computer for $499, one of the newer Compaq Presarios (Since HP owns Compaq now. I dont have to worry about any shitty set-up or programs being added on like Dell does). And basically just added on software/hardware as I found fit for what I do. (Basically about $4500-$6000 of hardware/software for Professional Online Gaming).

    What mine had on it to begin with was the following:

    192 MB Ram Card
    AMD Sempron Processor 3000+ ~ 1.8 Ghz
    64.0 MB Display Memory
    RealTek AC97 Audio Device
    2.0 Gigs Virtual Memory
    256 MB Total Physical Memory
    80 Gigabyte HD
    DVD-Rom/CD-RW Drive
    2 USB 2.0 Drives
    Mem Stick Drive
    4 USB Drives
    1024-768 Monitor

    Other than that, that was the basic specs on it before I modified it.

    Basically what I added on, was two 512 MB Ram Cards, another 80 Gigabyte HD, added 1.8 Ghz processor, surround-sound speaker system, external 3.5 Floppy Drive. Other than that its just what you really want to do with your computer.
  3. merob

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    I'm using an Athlon XP 2800+ that runs fairly well.
    IF your really interested look up my specs. i posted them in another thread in this section. It's probably the best combination I can suggest since I haven't followed hardware for a long time.
    The only adjustment i'd like to make to my system is more RAM. Thats very crucial.
    You might want to get an ATI 9600pro instead of a 9700pro, since the 97 is crap.

    Basically use my system as a guideline.
  4. crashman

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    You can go to to fine your parts. They have planty of reviews from people who used them plus they can ship it in three days. here my computer I just built.

    Radeom x1900 XT w/512MB memory
    AMD Athlon 64 3700+ @ 2.2GHz
    ASUS A8R-MVP motherborad
    2GB of RAM
    250GB hard drive
    DVD/CD Burner
    Xion II computer case
    680w power supply
    floppy drive
    Windows XP

    Best $1451 I've ever spent
  5. Teckademics8

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  6. merob

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    That sounds like a good bang for your buck. I think I'm going to need a set of upgrades by the end of this year myself.
    Why the 680w power supply? 500 seems to be all you need.

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