"Builders Breakfast" named Britains newest crisp flavour

Which flavour did you like/sounds the best?

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BRITAIN’S favourite new crisp is Builder’s Breakfast — and the mum who dreamt up the flavour could become a millionaire.

Emma Rushin, 27, will get one per cent of all future sales from producer Walkers.
The firm says she’ll earn £57,000 a year if they sell like BBQ crisps — but “substantially more” if they’re as popular as cheese & onion.
Emma said: “I’m thrilled. I’m going to buy a house, go on holiday and just get myself some nice things.”
The shop worker from Belper, Derbys, added: “I’ve always wanted to be a midwife and this could be my chance to do that.
“The reason I’ve not done it before was always money — I’ve got two young kids and I’ve always needed a wage.
“But now I might not even need to work again.”
More than 1.2million Brits entered Walkers ‘Do us a Flavour’ contest.
TV chef Heston Blumenthal chose six finalists and the flavours went on sale in January.
More than a million Brits voted for their favourite, with 232,336 going for Emma’s bacon, buttered toast, eggs and tomato combo.
Onion bhaji was second, then fish & chips, crispy duck & hoisin, cajun squirrel and chilli & chocolate.
Heston yesterday handed Emma the £50,000 winner’s cheque.
He said: “The builder’s breakfast is a national institution.”
Emma added: “I’m so proud.”

Source: Mum set to make £1m as Builder’s Breakfast wins Walkers crisp prize | The Sun |News

So, what are your thoughts on this? Which flavours did my fellow brits eat and enjoy? And so our brothers and sisters around the world don't feel left out, which flavour seems the most appealing to you?

I personally enjoyed Fish and Chip flavour myself. It reminded me of long summer nights spent with family when I was younger.


Sally Twit
I tried Builder's Breakfast and they were disgusting. All I could taste was egg. The only other I tried were Crispy Duck and they were quite nice.


Boom Boom Pow!
When I tried builders Breakfast first of all I liked them, but as I got halfway through the packet they started tasting disgusting! Totally gross. Just tasted too much like egg to me, although I could taste all the things that I was ment to taste, like bacon and sausages and things.
I tried them all except for the onion bahjs one and I didn't like any of them to be honest. The Fish and Chip ones nearly made me sick.
I tried all of them except for the onion one and the chocolate & chilli. I thought none of them tasted disgusting as such, but I wouldn't say I liked any of them. The fish and chip ones were meh, probably the only ones I'd eat again, so I'll vote that.


Registered Member
I like the Builders Breakfast flavour crisp's and glad they won not like those discusting Chilli and Chocolate :barf:


Ms. Malone
I didn't try all of them except the Hoisin one and i didn't like it; which is strange because i have Hoisin on my Chinese.


Supreme System Lord
Yes I much prefered the Fish & Chip flavour myself. Cajun Squirrel was a joke and the Chocolate & Chilli was never honestly going to be serious, infact I thought they were horrid.

I never actually tried the Builders Breakfast and knowing that idiot will be getting some of the proceeds means I'm not going to bother!!