Buggatti Veryon


Ms. Malone
How many of you have heard of the Buggatti Veryon? And what do you think of it?

I think it's a really sweet ride, it has a cool body style and it's really fast. If you haven't heard of it tell me and i'll post some info on it.


Never been a fan of the styling of it, really, but what's under the chassis definentally makes up for it.


Forum Drifter
Yeah I didn't like the looks when I first saw it, but it definitely grew on me. I love it now.
It reminds me of the old batmobile.
I thought this was just a concept. I agree, it's pretty pointless, but still cool i guess.


Ms. Malone
It definatly has too much speed, my mum said it's a quick death lol. But it's very pretty ^___^ i'd love to work on one when i'm a fully qualified mechanic!