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Movies Buffy The Franchise Slayer


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Rather suprisingly the geeky cult favourite is getting a reboot without any influence from Joss Whedon. I can't imagine any circumstances in which this seemed like a good idea other than "Everyone loves vampires again, bring back the Buff". I was quite a big fan of the TV series so this is quite annoying news to discover. I'd be disappointed if they were rebooting it with Joss at the helm let alone the fact that they're starting from scratch, it just doesn't seem necessary. As any fan will know Buffy was originally a film that Joss walked out on half way through production. So this won't be the first big screen outting for the character. Whedon fans will no doubt appreciate his response to the news. Latest Entertainment News, Celeb Gossip - E! Online Mobile


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Hmm. It may not be that bad, though. For some reason I disliked the TV series. I tried to watch it a couple of times and couldn't get over the cheese factor.

I do enjoy one of his other series though (Firefly).


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this coming movie will probably a stinks, it probably won't have big stars in it ! a less, donald sutherland will reprise his role, i seriously doubt it ! the original movie wasn't that a great, i was disappointed it , i mean sutherland was the best thing the movie ! sarah did a fantastic job for 7 years, in the series, let see what happen !