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Buffett: Stop coddling the super-rich


Embrace the Suck
CO - I heard a lot of the investment goes overseas where they enjoy huge tax shelters. Any idea how much the wealthy invest overseas as opposed to here in the US?

I'm no business buff, but it would seem smart policy to incentivize investments in US companies that provide US jobs, perhaps with an emphasis on small & mid size businesses, particularly mid, where most job growth is said to occur.

Of course, there's always the golden rule - those with the gold, rule. hehe.
That likely affects policy more than anything else.

What are your thoughts on this?
It's smart business to grow your money, no matter where it is. We live in a global economy, and the sooner we realize this as a country, the sooner we can start to fix things. I agree with you, it's smart business to provide an incentive for them to invest here.

People with wealth don't want the American economy to suffer, despite what many believe. They want to grow their money. We need to encourage them to grow their money here, instead of overseas. We need to realize giving them tax breaks isn't a bad thing, encouraging them to invest overseas is. The more they are willing to invest here, the more money flows in our economy, the more jobs are created, the more jobs created the more people pay taxes, more taxpayers means more federal revenue.