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Sony Budokai




What Budokai game is your favorite and do you think there are any draw backs to it?

For me I think the latest one Tenkaichi is the best...the only draw back for me is that you can't transform to different levels and that the super finishing moves aren't as big as the previous ones....however i like the fact that there are different characters although I wish they had added in Uub and Majub as well as Omega Shenron and maybe the Ice and Fire Shenron

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That was a pretty good fighting game. I am a big fan of Budokai 2, though, feels more like a Tekken-style fighter, which I like.


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I would say 3. The draw back is it gets way to repetitive like tenkaichi. Always having to get the dragonballs so that you can get everything in the game it gets really boring after awhile.


Storywise, nothing has beat the original Budokai's full episodic style. I miss that style -- they should definitely go back and do it like that again.

Fightingwise, I would vote Budokai 3. Even though the Rock-Paper-Scissors Dragon Move get a little old, the attack avoidance and counterattack system is bar none.


i would say budokai 3 is my favorite


tenkaichi is a very good game, but im now fond of budokai 3, they both have pros and cons but i like how things are seperate in B3 instead of BT where all punches and kicks are in 1 button, if that makes sense lol


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The best Story mode goes to Budokai 1 with 3 in a close second. Budokai greatly improved the fighting aspect and was further improved on in 3. Tenkaichi is not a true sequel as it was made by another developer and slapped Budokai on it to make it sell.

To answer the initial question, Budokai 3 is my favorite and Brolly is my favorite character, though I'm really liking the Saibamen and wishing I could unlock the Cell Jr.s. I have a nice strategy for those guys.


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For those who post which is there favorite...say why...no more of "I like this one...end"...

I like Budokai 3 because it was expansive. You could FLY. hahahahaha. There were also MANY characters to choose from and the gameplay was alright. I also like how the 2nd player get's a more of a chance to stop the specials.

Oh yeah, the boards get alot more DESTRUCTION...muwahahahahah.

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I'd have to say the 3rd one is the best, I just like the way it is, but the 1st one did have the best story line, didnt it have like Krillin and Cell fusing if I remember right.