Budgeting Money


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How do you (or don't you) budget your money?

Do you keep track of every penny or do you keep it casual?

Lately I've been keeping a pretty exact budget. You'd be amazed at how quickly the little things add up. It's definitely worth being precise about this type of thing.


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I'm on a pretty strict budget as of late to reach my goal of moving in July, so i'm counting every single penny in and out of my account. Except the small allowance I give myself each week to blow, I don't keep track of that at all. I'm even making myself work longer hours so I can make my current budget more realistic. For pretty much the entire rest of my life though, I've had a very lax budget, wait for bill payments to go out and completely blow the rest.


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I'm horrible about keeping track of things - on the other hand, I'm the king of saving money. I routinely walk a few miles to and from work just to not pay $2.00 bus fare, and I've been known to skip meals rather than pay $5 for lunch.
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I try and budget what little I have left after we've paid the bills but it sometimes proves to be difficult. Lately I've let my boyfriend deal with it for us because I'd just spend it all.


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I dont budget, I keep it casual.

I know my level of affordability and have confidence that my expense will not exceed my expendible income.


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I set aside the money for bills, a little towards savings and the rest is spending money. It works out good for me. Takes will power to not spend it all lol.
I'm casual with budgeting, but I pretty much always know where the money is going and how fast it goes. I spent a couple of weeks writing down everything I spent money on a few months ago. And yeah, it was crazy to see how the little things really do add up. So I'm much more conscious of that now, but I don't really keep track. I like to skimp on buying things I normally wouldn't think twice about purchasing, and in the end it turns out I don't miss them.


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I don't really budget my money, I know how much I usually have in my two different accounts and that to me is good enough. Obviously now that I have my own house, I can't just go out there and spend freely, but I can still enjoy myself a bit.


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I'm a little bit of a masochist; when each paycheck comes in, I pay all of my bills for the month plus a bit extra, to include savings and investments. I have a general-purpose savings account on top of my emergency fund, and into this GP fund I drop probably double what I should. Then I go fill up the car, get groceries and cigarettes to last me till next payday.

After this, I know all my essentials are covered, so anything left in my checking is fair game for whatever I want. I may feel like I have no money a day or two before payday, but even then all of my savings goals are met and everything is payed for :)