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I started a thread on Hinduism, and basically this is the same premise.

Just curious if anyone around here is Buddhist, and what views are on the faith.


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I read the Bhagavad Gita for my world religions class and I must say it was quite the read. I like a lot of what I hear from Buddhism, but I don't think I can be that passive.


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I hold a ton of respect for those people. Therese devotion is something we can all learn from. Havign taken Martial Arts in the past their beliefs are very admirable to me. However I can not see myself as being bald, so i'll stick to Roman Cath. (Laughs)


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I visited a Shin Buddhism temple for a project a couple months ago, and was generally impressed. Besides that I've done assorted reading, and have a decent grasp of the religion.

However, Buddhist I am not. But in the grand scheme of things, it fits much more with my beliefs on spirituality (particularly on being vague on the concept of God). It's not as compatible as say, Taoism, but it's close.


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I think Buddhism is one of the better religions, by virtue of advocating beliefs that are more in tune with my own. That said, I am way too much of a Western thinker to be Buddhist.


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I used to meditate, that was as close to buddhism as i got.
Buddhism is the only religion I actually respect. Why? They never seem to go on extreme murderous rampages like the other ones tend to do ever so often...