Bucket Lists


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I am sure everyone has a bucket list. So I thought I'd start a bucket list thread. Here are a few of the things in mine:

- See anacondas in the Amazon.
- Meet Gordon Ramsay.
- Dance salsa in Cuba.
- Spend some time with the monks in Tibet.

And there's a LOT more LOL. What's in your bucket list?


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Two things on mine:

-Going to watch a wrestling event in Japan
-Going to watch a wrestling event in Mexico

The two countries where professional wrestling is engraved in their culture and treated with respect.
1. Go To Ressurection Cemetary in Chicago to see Ressurection Mary
2. Tour Graceland Mansion in Memphis Tennessee
3. Stay over night in a haunted house with beer , gun and friends
4. Be a storm chaser for a day to witness a tornado
5. Visit a real crop circle
6. Go to Egypt and see the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx
7. Visit Scotland
8. Visit Ireland
9. Visit Roswell N.M.
10. Tour the Jupiter 2 from Lost In Space
11. Visit Dracula Castle in Transylvania
12. Go On A Bigfoot Hunt
13. Visit Alcatraz
14. Visit Some Place Haunted
15. See a Ghost / Apparition


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My Bucket List
1. See a Habs game at the Bell Centre in Montreal.
2. See a Leafs vs Habs game in either Montreal or Toronto
3. I have seen Monday Night Raw, SmackDown, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, & Survivor Series in Toronto. The only thing left to complete it is to see WWE Royal Rumble if it came to Toronto.