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Bubblegum Crisis 2040.


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Who here has so this anime? I thought it was a really good anime it didn't get repetitive and the fights were good. My favorite character is Priss she was awesome.


iv never heard of this anime and i would like to learn more veg care to explain it to me?


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The original Bubblegum Crisis came out in 1985 and spawned a very popular following on both sides of the pacific. It was also one of the earliest anime titles to get a video release in the states. An 8-part OAV series, it was a mix of Charlies's Angels, Batman, and Terminator. Now, it's been remade as a television series. Although the animation has a much cleaner look and incredibly vivid color, it's not as fluid as the original OAVs, but that shouldn't be a problem. The story expands on the concepts of the OAV, and exceeds them to a degree. It's also much darker, to an extent. The Boomer design isn't as realistic as those in the original OAVs-here, the Boomers appear more like Zombies or Monsters when they go nuts. The character designs and personalities are also very different(and very 90's) But the changes help improve the series rather than hinder it. Overall, it's very pleasing.


LostForever said:
bubblegum?? Haha
Bubblegum is a term having relations to nano-tech.
I'm having trouble deciding which ones darker honestly. The first one had cybernetics and boomers who resembled more robotic look, and in 2040 it seems that everything looks more organic with less machinery. Some parts in 2040 were definately darker than the old one, such as the grotesque fate of the whole city of Tokyo and how the series ends and the group up in space finishing the battle. A BGC 2041 was announced but I dont know how they would manage to continue the series. If you seen the ending you know what I mean.


I have one VHS tape of it. It's an interesting series so far. I might try and get the next dvd. But there are also so many other anime that I really want to try and get a hold of. I like the opening and ending theme songs of this series. It would be kind of nice to have it on DVD. Then it would be easier to get to seeing the previews of Sonic The movie and Nadesico. I have yet to see those two. But all in good time.