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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Duke1985, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. Duke1985

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    so I'm subleasing in this apartment and they have a no p2p software policy. Basically what happens there is some prick in a room halfway across the state who gets a little pop up that says they're p2p in our apartment, he presses a button shuts off my internet then we're "supposed" to pay 45 dollars to get it turned back on.

    We haven't ever paid him, since I myself am enraged at the rule (that and its never actually been an issue).

    The internet has only ever been shut off twice since I've been living here once for World of Warcraft updates (its uses p2p) and today for Skype.

    I have no intention of paying this fee personally, but here's my question, what do you feel about this business practice? Furthermore is there some rule your apartment, condo, trailer-park, or whatever have that you feel is unjustified?

  2. Mirage

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    Hmm. Never heard of that happening before but TECHNICALLY I think the owner can be held liable for copyright infringement fines if illegal files are downloaded from his property. I think that's a stretch though since you are renting it out. You are technically responsible for your own actions online.

    I don't think he could get in trouble if you used p2p software but I don't know for sure. Sounds like he's making sure to keep his bases more than covered.
  3. EXQEX9

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    What is p2p and why dosent this guy want you to have/use it (whichever applies...)?
  4. Duke1985

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    p2p is software that allows you to take information from other people's computers more or less. Programs like napster or bearshare (which have been used for piracy and copyright infringment) fall under that category.

    I'm upset though because p2p software has legitmate uses like my previous examples, World of Warcraft can (you can shut it off) a torrent program to download its updates, and Skype (which if you don't know is an internet phone service).

    Now should I really be charged 45 dollars to reactivate my service for just having Skype on my hard drive?

    However I do see the covering his bases, that does make sense, but the company that monitors these things can tell what program uses p2p, they called us today and told us it was Skype, which in no way I'm aware of, can be used for copyright infringment. This tells me they can tell whether or not I'm using a legal or illegal application (well more or less, even programs which are mostly used for piracy aren't actually illegal).
  5. Blueyes

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    I'm still trying to figure out how he is knowing you have a p2p program running in the first place unless you are using his internet service. And if you are, why? If you aren't then I'd be suing someone because that's illegal since he is illegally tapping your internet service.
  6. Duke1985

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    Thats another good point, I'd have to look into (well actually I won't unless they actually charge me 45 dollars for having programs with completely legal applications)

    My guess would be whoever provides my cable tv also is providing my cable internet.
  7. Blueyes

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    Check it out man and then maybe you need to be searching your place for some wifi thing maybe that's out of place and maybe they left.
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  8. Psyco

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    Certain programs attempt to access the internet at start up (IM Clients, Skype, p2p programs, etc). What it sounds like is that they're monitoring certain ports for activity. (Although, i can't be 100% sure...)

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