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Bryce Harper Signs With Washington Nationals


Sultan of Swat
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Bryce Harper Signs With Washington Nationals – IndyPosted
Extremely excited that they were able to get this deal done, for a way cheaper than I expected. I know there's a signing bonus in there, but he has to earn that.

I have a feeling this kid is going to play in the Majors next year. I've been following him since I read the SI article. A lot of scouts were wondering if he could hit with wooden bats, and he proved to them that he can be a beast with one/

He'll have tons of pressure on him, since he's considered one of the best prospects of all time. Just think about that for two seconds. The Nationals can't rush this kid though, the last thing he needs his lose his confidence.

Side note: Please get rid of that eye block.
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Son of Liberty
I'm very sure he'll be in the Majors next year, the dude is a stud. Great news for the Nats, I'm looking forward to seeing this guy play.
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