Brussel Sprouts, Spinach, etc


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I don't really understand what all the fuss is about Brussel Sprouts or Spinach. I eat them both and neither have ever really bothered me.

Spinach on pizza is pretty good too. Why do people always say these are so nasty? I wonder how many people have actually tried these before saying they are bad? Seriously, they taste fine..


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if they are overcooked, they are nasty. just like asparagus. when they are cooked right, they are incredibly yummy. well maybe not spinach.


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I don't like spinach cooked and alone, but raw in salads and cooked on pizza's or in things (lasagna, stuffed chicken, etc) I really like it. Brussel Sprouts I just don't care for. All of my sisters like them though.


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When I've ever had brussel sprouts they were bitter and tasted bad. I like spinach and eat it on occassion in many forms.