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Brushing your teeth?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
What method do you use? How many times a day do you brush? Do you floss as well?

I have a manual tooth brush. I usually brush twice a day. Once in the morning before leaving for work, and once before going to bed. I'm really bad at remembering to floss.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I have a toothbrush that's kind of in-between a regular and electric. It's battery operated and vibrates (no @Iris you can't have it).

I'd say half of the week I brush both in the morning and at night, and the other half just in the mornings. I'm terrible about flossing but trying to fix it.

I do buy mouthwash pretty frequently and try to make that a part of my regimen.



Registered Member
Mine is electric but I also have a portable brush for parties. Clean white teeth are my life. I also use mouthwash and breath sprays and I always brush my teeth after I eat. I hate floss but I will use that too if they need it.


Sally Twit
Clean white teeth are my life.
I laughed until my teeth fell out.

I use a manual brush and mouth wash. Floss freaks me out so I don't use it. Brushing my teeth is a chore because the toothbrush makes me gag. It ain't fun but it's got to be done.


Registered Member
I use a manual brush, and mouth wash. Brushed them twice a day. Even though the dentist always tells me to floss every week, I just can't. My hand/eye coordination is atrocious and I have dental wire behind my teeth since they took my braces off at age 16 so it's terrible.


Registered Member

These are for you. For people who hate struggling, and they're the strongest and still thinnest ones out there that won't break easily. You may have to angle them a little if the wire that's still there is high enough, but at least you can get something in there at an angle. Plus there's also metal picks that can be used from one side (the front) the same way.

The piece on the far left is the only one from the package I use. I use it even more often than the floss. You can at least get in from the front and direct whatever's there upward and on its way out.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I brush at least twice, morning and before bed and then sometimes I brush a third time at some point during the day. I floss with a floss pic like NGP posted and use mouthwash.


Yeah, I just have a regular toothbrush. Threw the electric one out a while ago and just never got around to getting another one. I try to brush a few times a day, but I don't always remember. I have the floss picks and use those regularly.


Problematic Shitlord
I've been terrible my whole life about my teeth. It's expensive to fix too. It was one of the very few things I think my parents could have tried to instill in me a bit more.