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Bruno Mars fans?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Bruno Mars really came into the Music scene in 2010, and he has been a big hit. He's been selling a lot of albums, a lot of his singles have top the charts. I was curious if Bruno Mars has any fans here on GF?

Personally I like the guy, I don't enjoy all his stuff but there's quite a few of his songs that I really like. He's a great singer, even live. He's also a decent guitar player.

I'd say my favorite song from him is Grenade. I've been listening to a lot of it recently. In this song he shows how much of a great voice he as.



Well-Known Member
While i'm not going to rush out and buy his album, I do quite like a few of his songs. Just the way you are is probably my favourite by him.

Just listened to Grenade for the first time. He definitely has an amazing voice. Hopefully that's not natural and not too screwed with in the recording stages. Edited to add: I just watched a live version, sounds pretty much the same as the recorded version, but with more emotion. Wow. Plus I always have a little more respect for artists when they actually play their own instruments, in regards to popular music anyway.

Biz you'd probably be the one to answer this, but don't you think he sounds a lot like MJ? Especially in Grenade
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Babeasaurus Sex
I love grenade, despite it having the worst lyrics EVER!



Registered Member
I love grenade, despite it having the worst lyrics EVER!

lol, right?

I enjoy him, have his album but got rid of a few of the songs. I'm really digging Marry You as a fun, dance inducing song. Talk To The Moon and Somewhere in Brooklyn are cute.

Liquor Store has the same beat as a lot of the songs local bands played in restaurants/clubs in SAfrica, so I like it for that.
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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I agree, the lyrics to Grenade are simply terrible, and I'm sure it took about an hour or less to write them. When it comes to certain artist I don't really care what the lyrics are, and care more about the voice and the sounds that are in the song itself. Bruno Mars is one of those type of artist.

Other artist, I care more about the story in the song itself. I respect more the artist that have good lyrics, but I can appreciate some that don't.


Haters gonna hate.
I like. I like him OH SO MUCH.

In other words, I don't like him. He comes across as a poor man's cross between John Mayer and Enrique Iglesias. I could write better songs than him.

Just for some reason I get a horrible vibe from him.


He's got a beautiful voice. His songs are nice and not all of them ... but that's it.
He sings live perfectly.


A Darker Knight
I like his melody in Nothin' On You. I guess he's got some good songs out. I think he could be better as a song writer instead and do more collaborating. Sometimes I get sick of his voice by the end of his songs.


Registered Member
I've seen him in interviews more than I've seen him sing and to my surprise, I REALLY liked him!
Yeah, a cocky attitude but only in an endearing way.
I think he's really fun and sweet and his songs are really catchy but incredibly well sung.
He's note perfect! :cool:
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