Son of Liberty
Do you bruise? If you do what kinda bruiser are you?

I was playing with my dog the other day and she manages to bite my arm just right so that it actually bruises. I'm not an easy bruiser at all, I've taken some pretty wicked hits to the meat and managed to stay bruiseless. Usually when I do end up bruising its just more of a brown discolor, not so much the purple and blues.

So how about you? Do you get a rainbow of color in your bruises.... if you do at all?


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I hardly ever bruise, but when i do bruise it's always a brown discolor no matter how severe it is.

It's weird a lot of people that I know can get red, purple, blue, and sometimes even solid black bruises but all I get is brown.

I think that a lot of my bruises are just not visible because I've had some pretty wicked hits in wrestling that i know hurt me.


Son of Liberty
yeah same here, worst I've ever bruised was taking a puck to the inside of my thigh (right where the pads dont cover) from a slapshot I shouldnt have dove in front of.

That one turned a green color, but then just sorta faded out.


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I bruise very easily and always have. Now, though, it is way worse because of a certain medication that I take. Bump my knee on dashboard? Bruise. Someone handles my arm a bit more than comfortable? Bruise. I absolutely hate to look beaten up all the time. Thankfully, not many bumps/bruise come to my face! I have also gotten very thin, and I doubt that helps the matter any. But it is a bit distasteful.


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I bruise very easily and have very pale skin. Also I'm pretty clumsy so I walk into stuff all the time. My bruises tend to be purple and green in color.


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I've always bruised very easily, so sparring classes always left their mark, especially on my shins and forearms from blocking. Lately it seems like I tend to get bruises on my hips quite often...probably from bumping into things as I walk by, and I won't even realize it until this nice purple bruise shows up. I've also noticed that after a night of heavy drinking I tend to wake up with mystery bruises...weird! :D


Sally Twit
I was just thinking about this the other day as I have a random bruise on my arm and I'm not sure how it came about. My bruises always start out purple and then go a tiny bit green as they start to fade away.
I bruise very easily and they always hurt me so bad when I touch them. Someone knocked into me once when I was on a busy bus and I had a huge bruise. I hate them.