Bruce Prichard ruins potential WM25 match


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Before I post this I want anyone who doesn't want to be spoiled in any way to stop reading NOW. For those who dont know Bruce Prichard was part of WWE creative and was recently released from his contract. He played the character Brother Love back in the late 80s/early 90s. He was obviously upset about being let go and in a cowardly act he released information about a potential storyline at Wrestlemania 25. Also, please be advised that WWE will probably go in another direction now or tweak and also there is always a possibility of this being complete bullshit.

From the latest torch newsletter.....

contains spoilers....

In a rather low unclassy move made earlier this week by a former employee of the WWE who was recently released, said person has mailed out the planned script that was to take place at WWE's 25th anniversary of their Superbowl they call Wrestlemania to various "dirt sheet" websites such as ourselves, presumably giving away the storyline on The Undertaker.

It is no secret to who is behind this mess, as former WWE producer Bruce Prichard, best known to WWF fans as "Brother Love"(ironically The Undertakers first manager) was released last week. The ten page script confirmed rumors of Undertakers opponent being Shawn Michaels.

The story behind it will be that Shawn Michaels, along with Undertakers kayfabe brother Kane, has gotten word that Undertaker is planning on returning to Death Valley after Wrestlemania 25(Also confirming rumors of Undertakers 2009 retirement). Kane, feeling that this is his chance to prove himself to the Undertaker, as he has never defeated the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, takes it upon himself to insert himself into the match at Wrestlemania 25. On the other hand, Shawn Michaels who has no opponent for the show, insists that he is the one who should face The Deadman in his last match, citing Ric Flair as an example. This leads to a semi feud between Kane and Shawn Michaels over who gets to face 'Taker at Wrestlemania.

This will eventually lead to a match between the two at No Way Out, with Shawn Michaels prevailing(by cheating, thus starting a small heel run) and facing The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25. In the weeks leading into Wrestlemania 25, Kane will align himself with Shawn Michaels after HBK convinces Kane that he is indeed the better man to "do the job" at Wrestlemania 25.

HBK is set to take advantage of the fact that Kane is the closest thing to The Undertaker and will have Kane tell him of his weaknesses. The script also calls for Kane to play as a bodyguard for HBK, protecting him until Wrestlemania 25 and assisting him to his matches on RAW. Mind games will prevail in classic 'Taker fashion; there is an angle on the March 30th edition of RAW(the last RAW before WM) scripted for Kane to be cremated alive, only to escape in mere seconds with HBK ditching him.

The last two pages on the script is specifically for the match at Wrestlemania 25, with Undertaker prevailing, keeping his streak alive. The finish calls for HBK to viciously assault 'Taker with a steel chair as the referee is laid out, taking advantage of the golden opportunity.

As the referee regains himself(Mike Chioda is scheduled to referee the match) he begins the traditional slow count that is stopped by Kane stepping down on his hands. Kane will then grab HBK and deliver his signature Chokeslam to him and drag his Brother unto him, keeping Undertakers streak alive. Page ten called for Paul Bearer to come out with the urn, announcing to Undertaker that it's time to go back home. As 'Taker regains himself, he will stand face to face with Kane, and do his signature pose, before vanishing into the air. The ending has a lot of different scripts to it on the page, but this is the one we found more relevant. This will lead to a feud with Kane and HBK, leading to a Hell In A Cell match at Backlash, with that being HBK's possible last match.

This is confirmation to the rumors that has been making the rounds on the net as of late. The storyline was to be produced by Bruce Prichard, Michael Hayes, and Vince Mcmahon. We are not to excited to see what action WWE may take against Prichard releasing scripts of planned shows and angles, but it was a very unclassy move made by him and his parties. We here at WON do not condone the actions of Prichard


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jesus, what a snake.

decided to read on as it is likely that they'll be changed now anyways. sounded pretty good, and a good way for the undertaker to leave the biz. Also nice to see Kane in a major storyline. Whether it happens or not i gues we'll have to wait and see. I'd assume this storyline would have to start just after the royal rumble at the latest so we'll know by then if this is the way that they're planning to go. or something similar.
I don't like how that is planned out at all. It looks as if The Undertaker gets little to NO drama from the whole build. If this is The Undertaker's last match, why doesn't he get more promotion to set it as his last match instead of a Kane and HBK angle. I dunno, I don't like the set up, Taker's opponent or how it ended.

I like his streak being kept alive, though. ^_^


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Yeah i first thought that when i read it but realised this is just a rough outline of the storyline, i'd assume the undertaker would be heavily involved in the build up.

as for the opponent i'd probably rather see kane take him on at WM than HBK. It's a classic feud, one that was THE feud during the attitude era. And it seems ot have more of a basis as a feud. Maybe that was a plan but i'm sure HBK is gonna try his best to get himself written into the match.

One thought i did have on this though. If they do go with some sort of Kane being cremated angle, how cool would it be if they used it as an opportunity to re-mask kane? Undertaker vs classic Kane at Wrestlemania? We'll say three stages of hell just for the hell of it! Somebody get me a towel :p


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That actually sounds great. But I'm taking it with a grain of Salt at this point.

The best thing about it all is that Taker leaves with his Wrestle Mania streak unbeaten, which is the key. If his streak is broken, I'm going to be pissed
If anything, it should have been Mordecai vs. The Undertaker for his final match. The ultimate good vs evil match (you can pick whoever you want for good and evil). If Mordecai was allowed to stay, that would have been one of the most epic feuds ever created in the WWE. Kane? Eh, third or fourth best choice to take on Taker for his match at WM25. :eek:
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I'll be looking forward to seeing this whole thing if it plays out as it was written. Haven't watched wrestling in a while but this makes me want to start back up.