Movies Bruce Lee, Jet Li, or Jackie?


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In the history of all old karate classic movies, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Jet Li. Take the cake. Who would win if they were to really be fighting against each other?
I love Jackie Chan, and don't know much about Jet Li. I'm going with Bruce Lee though. He is just amazing to watch as a martial artist, and speaks so much wisdom as well. And I'm not even in to martial arts.


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Bruce Lee because he was just so smooth with what he did, and he did fight Kareem Abdul-Jabar in his one movie, right? lol. Sad ending to his life though.


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Well, Bruce is dead, so I don't think he'll win... :lol:

And Jet is like 10 years younger than Jackie, so I'd guess Jet. Not to mention that he's like a 5 time Wushu champion in all of China.

Plus, did you see that one time he punched and caved that guy's chest in Fearless? :lol:
When they were all in their prime? I'd say Bruce Lee. He appeared stronger and more durable than Jet, and faster and not as "big" as Jackie. More toned.

For the movies, though, I'd say Jackie Chan. I love watching his movies.
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errmmmmmmm....aren't we forgetting someone!:eek:hmy:

Jackie Chan is my favourite, the choreography in his fights are fantastic, he is more of an entertainer than an out and out fighter though.(still dont want to fight him!)

If you throw all 3 in a room together, I think Bruce would win, he was lightning quick and super powerful plus 30 years ahead of his game.