Browns' Winslow in hospital for undisclosed illness


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BEREA, Ohio -- Cleveland Browns tight end Kellen Winslow was hospitalized with an undisclosed illness and could miss Monday night's game against the New York Giants.

Coach Romeo Crennel said Friday that Winslow was kept overnight at the Cleveland Clinic. Winslow practiced Monday but had been feeling ill for several days. The team sent him to the doctor Thursday for further tests and evaluation.

Crennel expects the 25-year-old player to be discharged later in the day, but said Winslow could be kept longer. Citing patient privacy laws, Crennel did not provide specifics on Winslow's illness.
Souce: ESPN - Winslow kept overnight after undergoing tests - NFL

First Matt Schaub and now Winslow. There must be something going around the league.

But he could miss Monday's game which would definitely hurt the Browns.
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Browns get their first Monday Night appearance since their inception in 1999.

And we are going to get publicly humiliated without our star Tight End.

I think we will get a touchdown. Probably 34-10 or something like that.


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Winslow hasnt had much luck staying healthy, or injury free since entering the league. The guy is one of the best tight ends in the league if he's healthy, but he can never stay that way. Should be interesting to see how long he's out for.