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Browns fire Mangini after two seasons


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Embrace the Suck
No it's not just you. There are several reasons why the Pittsburg Steelers have been such a successful franchise while the Cleveland Browns have not. The most notable is they don't make knee-jerk reactions in the hiring an firing of their coaches. They build continuity. They don't engage in the coaching carousel of hiring guys and firing them before they can have any impact on a team.

I don't see how constantly changing your personnel makes you expect any different results. I thought Mangini was making progress too. Now they'll bring in someone else, everybody has to learn a new system, yet again, and that guy will be fired in two years. It's a nonsensical cycle.


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Pretty much exactly what CO said.

Since 1969 (Chuck Noll's first year), The Steeler's have had 3 coaches.. Chuck Noll from 69'-'91, Cowher from 92'-2006 and Tomlin from 2007-Present. The thing with their coaching changes since 69', they've all been from retirements.

The Browns since that same time period have had 13 coaching changes, with most of the lasting about 4 years with only one that I've seen last longer and it was Sam Rutigliano for I believe 7 years (47-50 record) and their coach Blanton Collier from 61'-70' (76-34-2).

Thanks ClevelandBrowns.com and Wiki.


Haters gonna hate.
Not surprised about this move. Black Monday is surely black indeed.