Brown Goes Public With Displeasure Being In Chicago


Aw, Here It Goes!
So its the injuries frustrating him not just the play of the team, I guess since the trade he hasnt been able to fit in the flow of the offense, I hope he finds a team where he can be effective.


I kind of feel sorry for PJ. He was a great player back when he was with the Heat but now I think he has kind of lost his touch. Usually when you're on a team like the Bulls, there are going to be players that are played before you mainly because they are more talented. I think if PJ doesn't find a team where he's useful, he should just retire because I don't think he'll find the amount of playing time that he's looking for.


Sultan of Swat
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P.J Brown still as game it's just he doesn't fit in the Bulls style of play. I am sure a team will pick him up and he'll average pretty descent numbers. I am happy to see that he wants to get this over with as quickly as possible so there's no distraction for the Bulls.