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Movies Brother Filmmaker's Movies you haven't seen but should!



Okay, here is a list of great, independent films that you may see at the video store and think "Bad cheap horror film." Silly you, people who laugh at these titles and go to the theater for crap like "Stay Alive."

Meanwhile, good original horror is still out there. And let me tell you, I am not talking about SAW.

I am talking about Katiebird: Certifiable Crazy Person.

Part Horror, Part Character Study, this movie is a twist on the trend of "torture" themed horror movies we have seen lately. Saw, Hostel, all the major studio films. This one, shot for a mere 28,000, features a woman as the antagonist who chains up her current boyfriends and does horrible things to him as she tells him the story about the first boy she ever killed.

Starring one of the great actors you've probably never heard of, Lee Perkins as her genuinely loving crazed father. His laid back attitude is more disturbing then anything we see in the movie. Of course, this movie pushes beyond what most films will actually show. In fact, I believe this is the goriest film I've ever seen.

Still, that's not the strong point of the movie. The great acting is what elevates this thriller that is doomed to a video only release simply for the fact that it was filmed on such a low budget.

Now, I'll be the first to admit this film is at time pretentious. It has an odd cinematography style that sometimes helps the movie, but at other times is only there for the sake of being there. Samurai Jack liked to use multiple split screens, yet the director of this film claimed we've never seen anything like it. I guess he doesn't watch Cartoon Network that often. It's overused, and makes this a three star movie as opposed to a four star movie.

Interesting Note: Horror Icon Tom Savini (who is an asshole) agreed to play the lead for this movie, but then found out that he would be at the mercy of a woman. Tom, being the sexist jerkwad he is, refused to be on the recieving end of torture.


Eating Raoul: Another Classic you haven't seen (shame on you)

Eating Raoul is a movie where the title does much of it's own marketing. Eating Raoul, what kind of name is that? It's the type that makes people wonder exactly what the film is about, and what the title has, if anything, to do with it.

This movie was made on a budget of 500,000 dollars, with money that came after years of unsuccessful fundraising after the Director's (Paul Bartell, who also starred in the film) parents sold their house and gave him every dime.

Paul Bartell and Mary Woronov (Rock and Roll High School, Looney Toons Back in Action) star as Paul and Mary Bland, a couple whose intimacy is, shall we say, nonexistant. They sleep in twin beds. Paul sleeps with a plush bottle of wine.

They want one thing from the start: to open their own restaurant. Their financial situation, of course, does not allow for that after their rent is raised thanks to the high amount of swingers who come and go as they please. One of these swingers accidentally wanders into their apartment, tries to rape Mary, but is killed immediately by a defensive Paul. While searching through his belongings, they find out just how much money the sexual deviants carry on them at a given time.

Inspired, the start one of the most original rackets in the history of Los Angelas- Posing as prostitutes, they cater to the swinger crowd and lure them in their home, only to kill them and rob them. Unfortunately, their crimes are witnessed by a con man named Raoul (Robert Beltran, Star Trek Voyager). Raoul promises not to tell the police on the condition that he is given the bodies to sell (one of the conditions is they can't ask where), and in return he will split the money with the Blands.

Paul, always suspicious, thinks that Raoul may be after something else as well.

This movie is a hilarious satire on a world with misplaced morals, and where sex has worked it's way so deep into every aspect of society that even fast food resorts to breasts to sell their products. Paul Bartell is famous for using sex and violence to satirize the same things in our society. After all, he is the genuis who made "Deathrace 2000".

Of course, this film was made in a time before every single fetish was broadcast world wide over the internet, and BDSM seemed to be more common in high society then anywhere else.

On that note, I will also point out that this movie makes a smart decision to remind people where the satire is. The criticism is not on sexuality and fetishism as much as it is around the culture behind it. This is seen through the eyes of single parent middle classer Doris, also known as Dorris the Dominatrix. She is a sweet natured person who helps Paul and Mary Bland get started in the sex business. The three become very close friends within the course of the film, despite Dorris remaining one of the few innocent people by the end of the film.