Bro's before Ho's gone?

I'm used to a time when people chose their friends over their girlfriends but aparently that doesnt happen anymore!

so my problem is that my best friend who happens to be a guy has this overbearing assholeish girlfriend that is so wrong for him. i try to help their relationship against my better judgement but she continues to be rude to me and try to break up mine and his friendship.... keep in mind me and him are BEST friends like he knows me better than anyone....

so i guess the bubbling over point was that today i posted a couple pics from the other night when he and i hung out and within five min he sent me a text saying that if i put up anymore pics of him he couldnt hang out with me anymore which was because his girlfriend complains to him about it.... what should i do?

i was thinking about just giving him the cold shoulder for a while until he realizes that friends are more important than shitty girlfriends but what do you guys think?! i dont want to loose him as a friend but i cant keep walking on ice to keep his girlfriend happy....


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First question. Have you talked to him about it? And if you have and he still lets it continue then just leave it alone for a while. He will see what is going on soon enough and if not then i guess he wasn't that great of a friend.