Brooks Robinson



Probably no player defined the Orioles of the 60s and 70s than the Human Vacuum Cleaner.
The plays he made at third base, most players at the hot corner could only dream of.
The 1970 World Series was a one man show.
But the BBWAA seemed to just automatically give him the Golden glove. For much of his career he probably deserved it. But at the end there were a couple of guys named Rodriguez and Nettles who outshone an aging Brooks. For that reason I think the GG is overrated.
This of course takes nothing away from probably the greatest defensive third baseman of all time.


Sultan of Swat
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Brooks was known for his defense, but he was also a good offensive player. He had over 2800 hits, he had close to 270 career home runs, close to 1400 rbi's. He was also a two time world Series champion, he won the American League Most Valuable Player in 1964. He was a 14 time all star.

Now lets talk about his defense, he won 16 gold gloves has a third basemen, he could get to balls that no one could get.

It's funny how you say that the 1970 World Series was a one man show, because Johnny Bench once said this about Brooks Robinson after winning the World Series MVP Brooks won a car.

"Gee! If we had known he wanted a new car that bad, we'd have chipped in and bought him one."

He was an amazing player, offensively and defensively.