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Broken Bones

never broken a bone and never will..... and i hate milk


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I've broken my wrist a couple of times, the same place. First time was bad because my wrist caved in and I had to get surgery to fix it. Second time was I think maybe a year later, and possibly because the area was a bit more fragile than normal. I still can't bend my wrist all the way back ... almost 15 years on. But somehow I manage to limp through life anyway.
How did you break your wrist so it caved in. Sounds bloody horrible.
Limp? You walk on your hands? *silly snippet #59*
never broken a bone and never will..... and i hate milk
Don't be daft you love your milk -- *Ridiculous 'can't understand it for toffee' post #75843*
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In 2008 while in Tartu for an International gymnastics tournament I was completing in, I was in the middle of my floor routine and did a double back handspring, on my second landing on my hands, my left hand was in a bad position and I broke my wrist (radius bone). I continued until my next handspring as I did not know it was broken, I only knew it hurt very badly, after I landed on my hands and back to my feet, I walked off the floor in tears from the pain and was disqualified.


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I had a spiral fracture in my left humorous a couple years back. I had a cast that covered my whole arm for two weeks. The itch drove me to the brink of insanity. For the first week it was extrememly painful every night because the bone had fractured in such a way that the broken ends were sharp like knives and my arm was swelling inside the cast.
It was so uncomfortable. I tried rotating my arm (like when you imitate a chicken) and a felt like it was working but it wasn't actually moving, it was just the upper half of my arm that was moving while the lower half was just sitting there. Thinking about the bone-halves hitting eachother when I did it makes me cringe.

On the day it happened I was rushed to the hospital only to wait for 3 hours with a freshly fractured humurous (it wasn't very humorous). they gave me morphine to stop the pain of the blade-like fracture cutting into the muscles around it, but it did nothing and only made me feel like throwing up (which was the last thing I wanted to do).


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I broke my nose when I was like 12 or 13 years old during a roller-blading accident. I think it's one of the reasons for my awfully bad sense of smell. And I broke my arm when I was 7 after my brother pushed me off a trampoline.