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Question Broken Bones


Well-Known Member
Anyone ever broken a bone before?

I've been lucky enough to never have a true break but I've definitely done some stuff I shouldn't have done.

I ran cross country and track in high school. I ran so hard and so long without giving myself time to rest and heal that I developed stress fractures in both shins. Combine that with shin splints and you got one fierce condition that made it hard for me to even walk for about a month. The inside of my shins bruised so badly that it looked like someone drew a line with a purple marker on my skin. I wish I had taken a picture. This isn't really what you think when people talk about broken bones but regardless, the shin bones were technically broken as a fracture is a broken bone.

I've probably done some stuff to several fingers, and maybe a rib or two throughout the years but nothing ever got offocialy diagnosed. I've done some ankle sprains and a wrist sprain but I don't think anything ever broke.

Basically, I've had to learn to take care of myself. Doing much better now.

Broken bones anyone?


Registered Member
I can honestly say that I've never broken a bone in my life before. And I've never really come close to doing so either.

I can only imagine how painful breaking a bone must be. I hope I never find out.


New Member
I've had a broken foot and broken arm, both have heeled but I don't go jogging anymore, I go cycling instead, I get a few aches in my arm now but that's to be expected, I've taken Vitamin D for a few years now to strengthen my bones 🦴


Registered Member
Part of why I have never broken a bone before is because I try to be careful not to put myself into situations where I could risk breaking a bone.