Broke College Student

Well, here is my attempt to get a little extra cash for school. No, this is not some attempt at an easy way out, I do have a job. Think about this, tuition for one year = $9000, apartment = $6000, insurance = $1800, food = $1400, utilities = $2200, then add on about $2000 for all the other things I didn't list. A college student can not pull in this type of money and do well in school. That is why I put this auction up.


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Hey good luck. You may want to start the bid lower though. Sadly, the ones that start higher don't usually get any bids. Good luck to you either way!
Thanks, I may have to relist...

Just wanted to let everyone know that my auction is going good. I was interviewed by two different networks today, and actually did a live interview with the local Fox affiliate. Let me just say that doing a live interview can be very hard on your nerves.
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