Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez Signed For UFC 121

Discussion in 'Boxing / MMA' started by Babe_Ruth, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P. Music - Record Labels Unite To Battle Porn Industry

    I think everyone knew that Lesnar would be battling Cain in his next match. Cain in another undefeated champion in the Heavyweight division. I've seen a few of his fights and he's pretty impressivem but I think you already know who I believe is going to win this match.

    None the less, it should be entertaining.
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  2. storm_ina_C_cup

    storm_ina_C_cup Registered Member

    I'm with you, Babe, this is another HW match I'm dying to see!

    Cain is impressive and I'd love to see him win this fight. :)
  3. BigBob

    BigBob Registered Member

    Obviously I hope Lesnar dominates the fight, but I think Cain has as good of a chance to putting Lesnar away as Carwin did. He can't do that same thing he did against Carwin and weather the storm, because Cain won't stop. I believe he's in better shape then Carwin was, and I think he'll be able to do damage for even longer.
  4. Tapout

    Tapout Registered Member

    I hope Lesnar simply wins within a round but that's just not how it's going to go. I see it either being Lesnar putting Cain to sleep or Cain winning by split desicion. What do you guys think of my theory?
  5. BigBob

    BigBob Registered Member

    Lesnar isn't a huge submission artist. It probably took him months to get that choke down before using it on Carwin in the fight. I believe Cain will do what Carwin did and just go at him and hope he gets it done early.

    ..and BR, WTF is that link you posted? lmao
  6. Mrtrancenow

    Mrtrancenow New Member

    What a fight to remember :) cain velasquez new ufc heavyweight champion!
  7. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    I was a little disappointed with the outcome, I knew Velasquez was a good fighter, but I didn't expect him to give Brock Lesnar a beatdown like that. That fight right there just shows that Lesnar has a lot of work to do. I wonder who is next opponent will be.
  8. BigBob

    BigBob Registered Member

    That was absolutely what I expected. As much as I love Lesnar and wanted him to win, he had no chance against Velasquez. Everyone learned from the Carwin fight that Lesnar doesn't like being punched in the face and he just went at it. The only difference is, Cain is in a lot better shape (not saying Carwin isn't in good shape) then Carwin, so he just took it to Lesnar and never backed off. The knee he gave Lesnar was the beginning of the end,

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