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Britney Spears runs over Paparazzi's Foot


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Well this is sort of the risk you take as a paparazzi... Maybe he should have been standing back from a moving vehicle.

The video is on this page:


I find it funny that the paparazzi was not only wearing sandals.. but sox with sandals.. Are professional celebrity photographers even allowed to be so fashion dead? :D

I wonder if he will sell his "tired" sock on eBay. He could probably make some nice change.


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Oh yeah, at least a couple thousand probably.

There are fanatics on Brit out there.

It is sad but true.

She has turned into such a loser to me at least.

I am glad she got her kids taken, maybe they have a chance to grow up normal.


Heavy Weapons Guy
It would sell for over a thousand for sure. It's funny the things that the "famous" can sell.


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A lot of odd or out of the ordinary items sell on ebay such as that ghost cane that we all heard so much about a while back. A sock run over by Britney Spears could definitely make some serious cash.


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She ran over a Paparazzi's foot? Are you serious? I've seen her on the news hitting parked cars, on two seperate occasions. Dumb bitch. :lol:

She's not a great mother, either. x_X


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I agree with Snipes. Paparazzi sometimes have things like this coming if they think they can just interrupt people's lives all the time to get pictures. Some people don't want to be bothered and they will try to get away from the paparazzi.

It can end badly for either person many times though.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I'll never understand this country's fascination with celebrities. Seriously, why does anyone care what Britney Spears is doing?

One of the commentators for a big college football game on ESPN a few weeks ago made fun of the Britney Spears obsession during the most crucial part of the game. It was pretty hilarious. Check it out.

YouTube - espn football announcer daydreaming about britney spears