British soldiers caught on tape beating children


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I don't know what's more disturbing, the action itself or the commentary.

The kids had a beating coming their way, but they took it a little too far..


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It's articles like that which make you not want to be British *facepalm*

I haven't read the article, the title says enough. They need discharging and tossed into the nearest prison.
That was the most disturbing commentary I've ever heard... That guy shouldn't be in the military whats so ever. o_O

I was going to 100% on the childrens side once I've read all your posts because it made me think it was going to be the military's fault all the way. After viewing the video I see at the beginning that they were throwing stuff at the soldiers, so I can understand them (the soldiers) becoming angry and I can understand why they were beating them (at least that's one reason I see). Now, that isn't justification for the beating, or that I support it, it's just I understand.


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I won't lie, I'm not convinced it's entirely real yet so I'm looking for more sources.


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I don't feel sorry for them. Throwing rocks at the military they deserve a beating, those punks think that just because their kids they can get away with anything.

I do agree the commentary was morbid and uncalled for.