British sex addict Danny James moves town after sleeping with every girl in it


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There are probably several sex addicts that do that. I'd rather they go to a different town than start preying on minors because all the other adult ladies have been "tried" already.
More than 500 women? :-o This guy must have some pretty smooth chat up lines.

article said:
He now has a long-term partner
Wow, I wonder if she knows. Well she does now! hahaha.

I don't think people take sex addiction seriously enough, to be honest. I know that's kind of hypocritical for me to say, but I mean more like when suffers are seeking help or reaching out. I can imagine you'd get a lot of laughs (not from professionals obviously) before someone took you seriously.


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Surely he means "easy girls", not "all girls". Blah.
And I do not acknowledge this as a real addiction. We aren't animals, we can control at least some of the urges. If even the doctors cannot agree if it is an addiction, I chose to say it is not, until they prove it differently. Which they did not. Yet.
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oh my God, insane!
i was surprised to read that he has a long time partner now ...
who would be able to stay with someone who has slept with all the girls in the town?