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Discuss British Problems


aka ginger warlock
I have just come across this on Facebook, not all of them apply to me but I saw so many and they may not only apply to british people but to people who have anxiety problems over all:

How many apply to you?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I think most of those could be international problems.


Registered Member
Yeah most of them are international. Perhaps not #27 as much though :lol:

There are a lot of them that are relevant to me... numbers 1,2,5,6,7,8,13,14,19 and 30 at first glance. Haha.

Number 7 is often me though... well it's either that or I walk across with little to no reaction, both are suitably awkward :rolleyes:


Epic Gamer
This thread made me laugh. A number of them apply to me.