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British embassy sparks anger for tweet


Free Spirit
Staff member
When it comes to the diplomatic use of a Twitter account, it seems that even 200 years isn’t distance enough to spare a nation’s blushes.

British embassy sparks anger for tweet celebrating 1814 White House burning | World news | theguardian.com
I don't know why people are so upset about this tweet. Its been 200 years since the British burnt the White House, get over it already. I don't think they meant anything by it. They probably thought we could have a sense of humor about it by now considering the closeness of our two countries.

Americans are you offended by this?


Well-Known Member
I don't exactly think it's something to celebrate, I wish I could just leave it at that. I can't, not quite.

No doubt it was meant to be funny. I don't know anybody that would actually celebrate it but it does look like a bad judgment by someone trying to be funny. It's tasteless and you just shouldn't post things like that even if it's on the internet. .

I'd like to see them try and burn down the white house today. Oh, and good luck :lol:.


Embrace the Suck
I don't find it funny but I don't find it offensive at all. My favorite story from that incident was Dolly Madison saving George Washingtons portrait while the White House was already burning.


Registered Member
I wanna cake like that. Is the White House edible? Lol! Yeah after 200 years it totally is ancient history but it looks like fun! And it is only sparklers.
And dont forget the Brits also celebrate Guy Fawkes day and that dude tried to kill the British king. They have fireworks for that too btw.