Britain's Bail-Out Plan

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by Pugz, Oct 8, 2008.

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    Which part? For me, the fact that the World cut rates by 1/2 point is just spooky. This was the first global financial decision I've ever seen. When the world banks start acting together like this, the next step will be a single global bank. I've seen France and I think Germany already talk about this in the last few days.
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    The fact that they're putting 50 billion of taxpayers money into something so risky.
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    In terms Americans could understand what is that in USD? Around $90Billion? wow - I thought we were screwed. On a per capita basis $50Billion Pound has got to be bigger than $700Billion US.
    Maybe not, this stuff's is going to drive me insane. I gotta start thinking about happy stuff. You know - like ABBA music.


    well, just for fun, I did the math.
    $50B GPB = $86B USD
    $86B USD / 60MM (population of UK) = $1433 USD per person
    $700B USD / 300MM (population US) = $2333 USD per person

    take 9% higher standard of living for the US and $1433USD should feel like about $1562USD for the Brits compared to our $2333USD for the yankees.
    So, yeah Steve, you were right, I'm "a total idiot" because the math in my head was off by about 35%. But, that's ok because you're still ugly. :lol:

    (when wrong always pull out the ugly card)
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    Hey MenInTights I ll add some more math for those figures we can play with them a little more.

    That $87 billion is only for the big 8 banks, they are adding another $778 billion to help lubricate the market. Link

    Not forgetting that the UK also already nationalized two other banks(Nothern rock and Bradford and Bingley).Link

    On top of this they are doing foriegn investment guarantees after the collapse of the Icelandic banks who the UK invest heavily in. Link My own local council have nearly $30 milllion over there.:(
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    Being on the other side of the world, what do you think the end game is here?

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