Britain considered a chemical attack on Tokyo

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    Always interesting when new information on WWII is made public. :)

    I have always had a problem with the validity of bombings.. whether it is ethically justifiable to end so many 'innocent' human lives in order to achieve peace. Even if the British bombing had taken place, it would probably not have been gruesome enough to end the war. The only loss inflicted would be human lives :stare:

    Here's one more:

    Tss english people and their darts :urp:

    For some reason the english war inventions have always seemed rather silly to me.. as if Charley Chaplin himself was doing the research. I guess this one is slightly less silly and more.. gruesome (poor sheep :shake:).

    I also didn't know the army had anthrax back then and was considering using it. I thought only terrorists did. (and the US in 'nam?).
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    I know what you mean. Ive often wondered about the validity in the events of Dresden or Berlin. It is hard for us to even imagine the thoughts behind the circumstances that lead to such thoughts in the first place. I think the 2nd article sums it up well "war brings its own imperatives".

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