Bringing a change of clothes


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I carry my backpack with me everywhere and I always keep an extra tshirt in there. I sweat profusely and so it's embarassing to show up at some place, after having had to run a bit to catch a bus, or if it's really hot out, and be all sweaty and gross. I always excuse myself into the bathroom and change my shirt, and throw on some deodorant. It also comes in handy if you're eating and you spill something on it. Or if I'm going somewhere right after work, I don't have to wear the nasty fibreglass smelling tshirt anywhere.

So how about you GF? Are you in the habit of bringing some spare clothes around with you? What kinds of reasons do you bring them for?


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Bringing a change of clothes is something that I need to start doing. I work in all different kinds of weather and sometimes my uniform would get wet by rain or snow and I am wearing the same uniform throughout the day.

When I eat at restaurants, I tend to drop food in my lap and I am taking my napkin and trying to clean it up but it still leaves a little stain.


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I never do that. I guess I've never worried about spilling food on it and as for sweating.. deodrant does the trick.
Don't recall the last time I bought a spare change of clothes, deodorant works and if I stained my tshirt then I'd probably just live with it for the rest of the day, no big deal. It is a pretty good idea though.

I think I bought extra clothes when I went to a theme park years ago because I hated getting soaked on the water rides, but my friend wouldn't let me change afterwards because she said it was 'part of the fun' lol grr.


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I only bring a change of clothes with me when I go to the gym, because I don't want to work out in my work clothes. But other than that I don't do it often. Another reason I do it is I'll bring some nice clothes to go out and I'll just wear sweats and a t-shirt before at my buddies place.


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I never have a change of clothes with me unless I'm expecting to need them.

Sometimes I do during the hotter days of summer for, like you said, when you get sweaty and don't want to smell like a foot.


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i usually have a set of clothes at work because working in a laboratory....well, let's just say that sometimes the chemicals don't smell to good


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I usually carry around some deoderant and body spray, just in case. You never know when something weird will happen. Plus, body spray usually smells really good!


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I've always got my gym clothes and another set of normal clothes in my car in case I want to workout without going back home. Other than that, not really...


no. i've never taken clothes in order to change them in case something suddenly happens.
i don't practice this at all. if i become sweaty, i get the anti-sweat deodorant with me and that's it.