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Bring Your Own Bottle


Sally Twit
When you attend a party and are asked to bring your own alcohol, what do you usually take?

I am not a big drinker as most of you know but I do like the occasional glass of white wine. I'll always take a bottle of that with me.


still nobody's bitch
I usually bring a 6-pack of whatever beer I feel like drinking that night. Last Friday I brought a bottle of Pinot Grigio and some sparkling water and drank wine spritzers.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It depends if I'm only pre-drinking or I'm staying there all night. If I'm only pre-drinking then I'll bring around 4-12 beers depending how I feel that night(don't always drink them all). Pre-drinking means, drinking before going out in case people didn't understand the term.

If I'm staying all night then I'll end up bringing 24 beers, but I never drink all of them. I bring that much since I know I won't run out and ask people for some drinks.


Registered Member
"Why don't president's fight the war..." --- COOL TITLE!

Ahem, anyway. I take a six-eight pack of anything I fancy on the particular evening. It could be a nice lager, a load of Guinness or a some more specialised bottles of real ale or some of them weird fruit ciders you can get these days. If it's Guinness I usually take more than what will last me as others always seem to want some.


I used to take a bottle of Vodka to mix with stuff, or a 4 pack of Ruski's, something like that.

Now however (since I gave up drinking) I just take a bottle of my favourite soft drink.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
If it's dinner then a bottle of wine. If it's an after dinner party, then vodka (either zubrowka or vuqo) plus a liter of juice or soda to mix them with. They last longer than wine and makes people livelier at the party. :)


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I usually take at least a six pack of my own beer, but usually more so I can offer it to other people.


I don't drink much anymore, but I usually brought a twelve pack of Twisted Tea or PBR. Occasionally I'd bring a bottle of vodka or 100 proof SoCo. That usually just lead to trouble though. Haha.


yellow 4!
Usually a spirit and a litre mixer, but it depends where I'm going. If it's not somewhere I'm familiar with then I'll take bottles of something in case they don't have glasses or I can't leave any 'leftover' there. If the place is far away and I don't want to carry anything too heavy then I'll take a bottle of wine. Actually that's probably the easiest thing to do in most cases, except I don't always feel like drinking wine.

So yeah, it depends.


Well-Known Member
It really depends. Lately it's been just a bottle of wine because it's cheap and a lot of the cheaper beer here sucks. Often though, it's a bottle of vodka or bourbon and some mixer. If I feel like drinking spirits but not getting too drunk then I go with Smirnoff mixers.