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Bring It Baby[Written by Countdown-26 and Veloci-T]



Name: Bring It Baby
Written by:

Countdown-26: Verse 1 and 2
Veloci-T: Chorus and Verse 3

Time: About 2 minutes

Bring it Baby by Countdown-26 featuring Veloci-T

Verse 1[Countdown 26]

Bring It Baby
I think youre gonna beat me
But you aint gonna beat me
Im about to beat you in this game dog


Bring it baby
Its the C to the V
Imma beat you
And you dont got a clue
Anyway bring it
Youll wont be glad you didnt
So bring it baby

Verse II[Countdown 26]

Bring it baby too
I cant see you do
the things you cant
You can pick up those cans
but you cant run the forest


Verse III[Veloci-T]
You cant beat me
Cause my name is V
Or you can call me Veloci-T
I see you on your knees
Its like you dont chew
You get hiccups all the time dont you
You cant beat me but you sure can try so bring it baby

Chorus x2


Did you like it? i wanna know tho, whose better? 26 or VT?


i did not like it lol. elementary shit there dog...both people verses.

vt was better simply cause his were longer tho lol


but you wrote most of it anyway..lol


Registered Member
most of his songs are imaginery, like one song was called Fire-Links and he had no idea wut firelinks were


blue 3
If he's 7 years old then why do you have him saying motherfucker in the other song? You're trying to get this 7 year old rapping about shit he doesn't understand. Thats stupid. Rap has got to have passion, and if you don't know what the hell you're talking about...where is the passion?

How old are you anyways?

He may have an excuse but you don't. Work on your lyrics, work on your rhythm.

Its the C to the V? ......what..........nevermind....